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Developing and Implementing Data Processes

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Business Always Counts stands on a foundation of 25 years of experience.


Report Writing

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Business Intelligence

Data Visualization Design that will bring your business goals front and center.

Data Management

Custom process solutions built with your data, your goals.

SAP® Crystal Report Writer

Crystal Reports® can connect to almost any data source and can deliver reports in over a dozen formats. This powerful, adaptable software empowers you to turn your data into actionable information that you can share with colleagues and your leadership team. BAC can help you create custom client driven Crystal reports.

With over 20 years of report writing and design experience, we can handle any data, even hard to find expertise with connecting to financial enterprise software like FICS® Mortgage Servicer®, Commercial Servicer®, their Universe, and SAP® Business ObjectsTM.

FICS®  name and logo is a registered trademark or trademark of FINANCIAL INDUSTRY COMPUTER SYSTEMS, INC. SAP® and other SAP® products and services mentioned herein, as well as their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an affiliate company) in Germany and other countries.

Business Intelligence with Power BI

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad term these days.  Typically, it refers to the processes and technologies businesses use to strategize and analyze current and historical data for the purpose of improving their strategic business decision-making methods. BI asks how can we make better decisions, take informed actions, and implement these into more efficient business processes?

BAC focuses on the data visualization aspect of BI. Powerful software like MS Power BI help with Data visualizations. When your data is complied into reports and dashboards, it will help tell the story of your data.  Most of us are visual creatures and understand and respond quickly to visuals full of patterns and colors far more quickly than we do to extensive spreadsheets and tables full of hundreds of lines of data.  Data visualizations show data in a way that makes it more accessible and understandable across your entire organization.

Make your data sparkle.  Visualization Design, Power BI Developer

Data Management

Today’s businesses and organizations create and consume data at extraordinary rates.  Collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing your organization’s data has become an essential piece of the business puzzle. The data management policies and procedures you implement will impact the efficiency with which you access, analyze, and use your data to respond quickly and efficiently to market changes and customer needs.

An organization’s data is an unbelievably valuable resource. BAC can help you discover, create, and embrace good data management processes and policies. These steps can help minimize errors and aide in organization wide access to your data.  Colleagues across your organization can have access to reliable, up-to-date data they need to make business driven decisions.  The sooner we understand, organize, and embrace this resource, the sooner we put your data to work for you.

Control your data flow. Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Processes

Experience the magic of your data!

Tell your data story.  Everyone can benefit from “seeing” their data!