Where your data is our passion!

Business Always Counts (BAC) is here to help you accomplish effective, efficient, and accurate data management.  An organization’s data is an unbelievably valuable resource! That realization can be very overwhelming! We understand! BAC can help empower you to turn your data into actionable information that you can use, share with colleagues, and pass along to your leadership team and/or customers.

The power of data often becomes even more powerful when you can use visualizations to help tell your data story. Most of us are visual creatures. We quickly respond to and understand visuals full of patterns and colors. BAC can help you accomplish this form of communication by helping you discover, create, and embrace data visualization in ways that will convey your message effectively and beautifully. The sooner we understand, organize, and embrace your data resources, the sooner we put your data to work for you. Better data leads to better decisions!

BAC owner, Ann Hochworter has taken her experience working for a civil engineering firm and prior to that, for one of Northern Colorado’s “serial” Entrepreneurs, and has begun offering her knowledge and consulting services.

Make your data sparkle!


I remember the first time I discovered the power of a relational database. It wasn’t in a traditional field of data science, in fact, it was literally out in the field.  It was 1995. Fresh out of graduate school, I was hired to design, order materials, and manage the installation of a “$1,000,000 showcase” landscape for a large residential estate. I had two months to plan, organize, place orders, and to be ready to manage a crew of twelve people that would help accomplish the installation. We would have just two weeks following Mother’s Day to make this all a reality. As with many things in life, overwhelm, and necessity had me searching for a solution to pull this off. The solutions came in the form of a Microsoft Access database. I simply called it “The Plant Database”. I built a custom database that helped me organize all the moving parts for this large project. SUCCESS!! And so began my love of organizing data!
Fast forward through the years and the data types that I have managed have been many, and varied, and always a continuous (pleasant) surprise. Some of these have included: building a database for a museum quality art collection, asset tracking, inventory control, a project database for use in engineering proposals and marketing materials, a budget tracking data management process, and a custom data import process for a functional health care clinic.

Many projects later, with over 25 years of experience behind me now, I have learned how to combine my love of data with my ability to quickly learn new software tools, and mesh these together into helping clients organize, understand, and visualize their data. These skills have resulted in the ability to create great data systems using MS Access, Excel, Power BI, and Crystal Reports® to deliver a clear and concise “picture” of the data.