Data Management Consultant

Data Management - What is it?

Today’s businesses and organizations create and consume data at extraordinary rates.  Collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing your organization’s data has become an essential piece of the business puzzle.

The data management policies and procedures you implement will impact the efficiency with which you access, analyze, and use your data to respond quickly and efficiently to market changes and customer needs.

An organization’s data is an unbelievably valuable resource. As data management consultants, Business Always Counts can help you discover, create, and embrace good data management processes and policies. These steps can help minimize errors and aide in organization wide access to your data. 

Colleagues across your organization can have access to reliable, up-to-date data they need to make business driven decisions.  The sooner we understand, organize, and embrace data as a resource, the sooner we can put your data to work for you.

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Data Management - Benefits

  • Leadership: Improve decision making
  • Servicing: Create & improve processes
  • Marketing: Audience targeting & buyer profiles
  • Sales: Customer habits & patterns
Most companies collect information. Business Always Counts can help you take the next step and turn your data into a company asset.


Data Management - Best Practices

  • Clean Data: Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Data Validation: Ensure the data is checked before it is used
  • Data Input: Use standardized operating procedures to properly collect and input data
  • Reduce Duplicate Data: Establish a single source of truth
  • Data Accessibility: Establish levels of authorization
One of the first steps in data management is to establish your Company’s data goals. There are many layers to this process. A top priority would be to keep your data clean, accurate, and properly accessible.